» P4 Inc. Announces Opening Of Vietnamese Baguette Specialty Store “Bánh mi Bánh mi”

TOKYO – P4 Inc., develops 10 restaurants specialized in Vietnamese dishes, is opening a specialty store “ Bánh mi Bánh mi,” which features to-go Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, on Thursday July 28th at Tokyu Food Show, located on the first basement floor of Tokyu Toyoko Department store, directly linked to Shibuya Station. This store is the very first store to branch out all over the world. We plan to open 5 stores within Japan and internationally in 2017, and plan to expand to 30 stores in 2019.


What is Bánh mi?


Bánh mi is a Vietnamese baguette sandwich. In Vietnam, people enjoy it as a fast food for a breakfast meal or a light meal from street stalls. Typical ingredients are pâté, pickled sweet and sour carrots,  daikon radishes and herbs like coriander.


The features of the new store, “Bánh mi Bánh mi”


“Bánh mi Bánh mi” features about 7 varieties of ingredients that are popular in Vietnam as well as our original dish, including grilled pork, beef, chicken and mushrooms. Customers can choose anything they prefer from these varieties. We’ll make a sandwich as we receive the order, combining the main ingredient with matching vegetables and herbs, offering the local taste of Vietnam. In addition to baguettes, we also offer rice (mix of white and black rice and quinoa) and bún (rice noodles) which you can enjoy with our special ingredients as well.


We’ve reproduced the taste of local baguettes that are crusty outside and super soft inside. The popular superfood, “quinoa,” adds consideration to beauty and health as well as it’s unique crunchy texture.


We provide the authentic taste of Vietnam with ingredients and seasonings that are carefully selected from “safe and secure” domestically produced products.


Brand concept of “Bánh mi Bánh mi”


Enhance your beauty and health with easy and quick Vietnamese dishes. Vietnamese dishes, that use healthy ingredients like rice noodles with a lot of vegetables and herbs, have great benefits to the Japanese diet! We are launching a fast food brand targeting adults, based on “safe and secure” Japan-made ingredients matched with the “healthy” aspect of Vietnamese cuisine and a focus on “beauty from the inside out.”


Store information

Official Name: Bánh mi Bánh mi

Address: Tokyu Food Show, Tokyu Toyoko Store B1, 2-24-1 Shibuya, Tokyo

Hours: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Will be closed when Tokyu Food Show is closed)

Price Range: 650 – 900 yen (tax included)




About P4 Inc.


Business Name: P4 Inc.

Representative: Noriko Matsuda, President and Chief Executive Officer

Address: 3F, 3-15-5, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022, Japan

Established: July, 2008

Primary Line of Businesses: Management of Vietnamese restaurants

Business characteristics: With more than 95% of our employees being Vietnamese, our specialization in Vietnam since the establishment of the company, and large number of female executives, which is rare in Japanese restaurant industry, new ideas are born everyday through our know-how and unique viewpoints. As a leading company in the Vietnamese restaurant industry, we will continue to challenge, with considerations including franchise chain development as well as restaurant development overseas.

P4 Group Restaurants (in order of launch): Lotus Palace Ikebukuro, Banh Xeo Sai Gon Yurakucho, Banh Xeo Sai Gon Shinjuku, Pho Hanoi Kitasenju, Bahn Mi Majestic Jingu-Kyujo, Lotus Palace EAT & DELI Roppongi Hills, PHO HANOI Second Kanda, Lotus Palace Akasaka.

Sister Restaurants: Banh Mi Majestic Hamamatsu-Motoshiro, PHO HANOI Second Itayamachi



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