About Us

Company Information

  • Business Name: P4 Inc.
  • Head Office: 3F, 3-15-5, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022, Japan
  • Phone: +81-3-6277-3834
  • Fax: +81-3-3280-3805
  • Email: info@p-pho.com
  • Website: https://p-pho.com
  • Established: December 2002
  • Total Number of Employees: 120
  • Primary Line of Business:
    • Vietnamese Restaurant Management
      (group of 12 restaurants, direct management 9 restaurants)
    • Vietnamese Restaurant Consulting
    • Overseas Business
    • Events Business

Management Directory

  • Noriko Matsuda, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Emi Kawasaki, Director Executive Vice President
  • Kiwako Kobayashi, Director, Administration Division
  • Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, Director, Business Development

Company Overview

From our love for Vietnamese people and deep passion for Vietnamese cuisines,
we have opened nine restaurants in Tokyo and recently in Vietnam,
serving authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Since the first restaurant opened in 2008,
our vision is to become the happiest Vietnamese restaurant in the world.

In Vietnamese, “Phuc” stands for “福”, meaning Happiness.
P4, the company name, has four “P” representing four pillars of our “Phuc”:


  • Peace: have a deep understanding of other cultures to create and maintain the Peace of our society.
  • Partner: bring to all customers, employees, friends and families, who come to P4,
  • Pleasant: many pleasant of being enjoyed delicious dishes,
  • Place: in a comfortable relax space of our restaurants.


All are for a prosperous future.

Also, the pronunciation of “Four” in English sounds similar to “Pho” – the name of the most popular noodle soup throughout the country, and the most famous Vietnamese food all over the world.

Vietnamese Food Trend

The best foods in Vietnam are actually street food. They are insanely delicious.

At P4, we focus on this local trend. At the same time, we understand that great food requires creativities. The same food, the same styles repeated for 10 years, would not it be boring? We commit to master the taste and ingredients, and combine with our creativities to invent new but authentic Vietnamese dishes.

At P4, we also desire to bring the hustle and bustle environment of Vietnamese street food to our restaurant to bring a completed experiences to our customer, despite the challenges in representing it elsewhere outside Vietnam.

We dedicate our best efforts to create a disruptive Vietnamese fusion flavor, breaking the old rules while keeping Vietnamese food’s delicious authenticity.

Delicious and Healthy Vietnamese Cuisine

With more than 10 years of experiences in Vietnamese cuisine, our qualified chefs offer their best dishes – the combination of traditional tastes and personal creativities. We have been developed our own produces and ingredients. These allow us to provide healthy food with authentic delicious tastes.

Vegetables are the most used ingredients in Vietnamese culinary. We understand the connection between safe, healthy ingredients and good food. We source all our vegetables from Japanese’s farms.

80% of Our Customers are Women

We give our best efforts to response to the rapidly changing demands from our customers by producing both seasonal and trendy dishes. We make special appeals to female customers thanks to our high quality dishes, artistic table arrangements, the restaurants’ interior decorations, and our excellent customer services.